Updates Here is the latest news and information about ATHENA.

For End Users

For End Users ATHENA end users are machine tool owners and operators who are interested in empowering employees and boosting efficiencies by applying ATHENA technology to the machines in their shops. Benefits of ATHENA ATHENA was designed with the human operator in mind and is dedicated to empowering and enabling machinists, not automating them. ATHENA […]

For OEMs

For OEM Partners ATHENA’s success relies on close collaboration with OEMs who are ready to lead manufacturing to the next frontier by applying ATHENA technology to their machines. Benefits of ATHENA For OEMs, ATHENA offers a competitive edge. By integrating ATHENA, OEMs can make operating machines as easy as speaking. OEMs can expand business by […]


About ATHENA is designed as an Industrious Assistant to bring access to information to workers. Using every day communication, workers can access documents, call up work orders or checklists, activate maintenance routines, and much more to support their work. ATHENA Story Athena is associated with wisdom, strategy, and wise counsel. As a digital assistant, Athena […]


Introducing ATHENA, the first universal, voice-operated assistant technology specifically designed for manufacturing work. ATHENA works here. ATHENA supports WORKERS. IoT and Big Data made for you. Useful, informative, and interaction by voice, text, email and more. ATHENA is secure, operating on-premise or cloud based. With ATHENA, an operator can query a machine using simple voice, […]