ATHENA is designed as an Industrious Assistant to bring access to information to workers. Using every day communication, workers can access documents, call up work orders or checklists, activate maintenance routines, and much more to support their work.


Athena is associated with wisdom, strategy, and wise counsel. As a digital assistant, Athena is an access point in the daily routine of work, using dialogue tools like voice, text, email, and controls combined to.

On request, Athena using natural language understanding technologies to understand what is being requested, and deliver answers in the form of documents, videos, drawings, checklists and more. Almost any file that workers need to use in their workstreams is available to them – right now.

Using the latest industry standards for connectivity, Athena can provide connections via OPC UA, and other communication methods to access data that people need, now, from the shop floor.

ATHENA timeline


ATHENA demonstrates worker interaction with 5 axis mill at IMTS

ATHENA Beta Installations and proof of concept


ATHENA premiers in Europe at EMO, Hannover Germany

ATHENA connects 5 machine tool brands & joins UMATI, and pilots interaction to over 120 machines.



Athena demonstrates assistance of EDM machines for new operators


Athena debuts in machining and assembly job shops in USA. Workers focus on value of setup and variety of work.


Athena presents cobot work at IMTS along with an exoskelton and eyewear tablet concept.

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ATHENA is ready to work with you to enable your workers. We are dedicated to the task of connecting Industry 4.0 to the people who need and use it.

ATHENA is ready to assist you. Together, we can enable your team. Contact us to connect the processes in your manufacturing processes to the real world of work. @AthenaWorksHere